Onze uitgaven in februari en maart 2019

Onze uitgaven in februari en maart 2019

Onderstaande tekst heb ik gepubliceerd op onze Nomadic Life – facebookpagina.

We knew that the past two months wouldn’t be the cheapest. We had spent one week in Lisbon visiting different museums and went out for lunch each day. We also traveled to Belgium for a housesit near Brussels, spent another two nights in Brussels and traveled via Gent back to the Netherlands where we stayed for the remaining five weeks.

Taking the dogs out during our housesit in Belgium

In the past 8,5 weeks we spent a bit more then 2600 euro. All in all, we have done better then expected! 
Heleen ventured several times to Rotterdam to meet with friends and to do some shopping. She spent another 360 euros in that period from her own account. Milton lived like a recluse while working on the final details of his photo book, and estimates that his personal expenses were about 225 euros, which includes new hiking boots.

One of the many museums we visited in the past two months

Together we spent a little more then 900 euros on travel expenses and accommodation. We treated ourselves to a massage and sauna after our Kickstarter campaign ended, for which we payed 135 euros (including drinks and a light dinner). We also treated ourselves to nice diners or lunches more often then we had done in the previous months. All the dinners, take-outs and lunches have cost us over 640 euros. The rest of our expenses went to groceries, gifts and gasoline for Heleen’s fathers car.

All in all, we have done well!!

Milton’s photo books have arrived

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