Uitgaven eind Oktober 2018 tot Februari 2019

Uitgaven eind Oktober 2018 tot Februari 2019

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Our nomadic life continues, even when we are running a Kickstarter campaign…. We are now in Lisbon and in between working on our Kickstarter campaign, we find time to do some exploration. Now that we have ended our three month stay in Aljezur, it is time to give an overview of our expenses there.

We arrived in Aljezur, Portugal, by the end of October for a housesit of three months. We used our time at Quinta do Oryon for the preparation of Milton’s photobook and his Kickstarter campaign. It was the first time that we worked on a project together. It took some learning, but we now know and appreciate each other qualities and we’ve learned that together we can create some amazing things. Heleen also started editing a novel and became a writing coach for a beginning travel blogger.

Perfecte manier om te ontstressen, beach clean-up op Amoreira-strand tijdens zonsondergang


Overall, Portugal is not an expensive country, and with our focus on work instead of exploration, we did not spend a lot. In total our expenses were a little less then 3.000 euros in 15 weeks/3,5 months.

Our car rental was only 550 euro. Heleen was ‘lucky’ to have found two really good car rental deals, which kept the costs low. To get to the Algarve, Milton did not pay for his airfare as he returned from a job. Heleen’s ticket had cost us 204 euros. From the Algarve we traveled to Lisbon by train. The tickets, at 9,50 each, will be added to our expenses for February and March.

On average we spend about 155 euros per week, which included besides groceries: 6 horse riding lessons, gasoline for the car, 50 euros for a new fire resistant glass for our fire place, 50 euros for two canisters of gas for cooking and hot water, at least one lunch per week in a restaurant, some theater performances, and we often went swimming until the life guard left his job and the swimming pool was closed.

Avondwandeling in de omgeving van Aljezur


Our plans for February and March? We will travel from Lisbon (where we are now) to the Netherlands and finish our Kickstarter campaign there. After that, we will travel to Belgium for two housesits around Brussels. We have chosen for Belgium as our next destination because of the offset printing company that we want to use for Milton’s book. It is nice to be close to the printing company when the first books are being printed. Furthermore we are looking forward to do a proper house sit again with dogs to take care for!

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